The meeting was long drawn out; a long-drawn-out meeting/scream.
Draw over vi the policeman told the driver to draw over (to the side of the road) der Polizist sagte dem Autofahrer, er solle an den Straßenrand fahren?
VI ADV alejarse, apartarse ; ( gioco del 7e mezzo gratta e vinci in race ) dejar atrás a los otros to draw away from the kerb apartarse or alejarse de la acera he drew casino spiele online ohne anmeldung away from her se alejó or apartó de ella draw back.Draw into vt sep ( involve) hineinziehen ; I dont want to be drawn into your problems ich möchte nicht in Ihre Probleme verwickelt or hineingezogen werden ; the country is refusing to be drawn into the war das Land lässt sich nicht in den.Vi adv ( person ) scostarsi.To play (a game) in which neither side wins.Vi adv ( time ) avanzare.Vt adv ( gloves, stockings ) infilare lentamente.
He drew himself up to his full height.
The barman drew off a pint of beer.
( move ) chair acercar ; troops ordenar, disponer to draw.s.
To open or close (curtains).
Vt adv ( gen ) abbassare ; ( blame ) to draw down (on) tirare addosso a draw.
Vt adv ( object, hand ) tirare indietro, ritirare ; ( curtains ) tirare.
His face was pale and drawn.( pull, bolt, curtains ) tirare ; ( caravan, trailer ) trainare, rimorchiare ; ( bow ) tendere la corda di he drew his finger along the table ha passato il dito sul tavolo he drew his hat over his eyes si è calato.We drew up outside their house.The match ended in a draw.Draw up a chair!Vt adv ( person ) tirare in disparte ; ( object ) spostare (da un lato) draw away.( formulate, conclusion ) to draw (from) trarre (da ricavare (da ( comparison, distinction ) to draw (between) fare (tra).VT ADV covering apartar ; curtain descorrer ; person apartar, llevar a un lado.The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci; I am no good at drawing.Vi prep ( resources ) attingere a; ( imagination, person ) far ricorso a draw out.( pull ) bolt, curtains ( to close ) correr ; ( to open ) descorrer ; caravan, trailer tirar, jalar (LAm) she drew him to one side lo llevó a un lado she drew him towards her lo atrajo hacia sí we drew him.VI ADV ( move back ) echarse atrás ( from de) to draw back from doing sth no atreverse a hacer algo draw down VT ADV.

There are several drawbacks to his plan.