Setenta y Tres - - Starts like setenta with the lead ending inside facing outward.
(can also occur after "enchufla pero no dile que.
Do an enchufla and switch to superette casino aix les bains the other partner's lead, do a cross body and then do a Dame dos con dos with a spin.While doing abajo, the lead should be able to grab the right hand of the follow ahead of them with their left hand, forming a closed loop.Follow's right hand holds lead's left.Then cross body the upstream follow.Keep the elbows bent!Then, on one, spin the follow from the right to the left and with the left hand, lead the follow behind and on the next one, enchufla the follow on the left and leads step into the circle and face out.Cadena chain Adiós, Directo, Prima Candela Flame 3 sets of claps Guapea Centro middle Arriba, Abajo, Cadena, Tarrito Cero zero video (Media Noche), (Salsa Lust) Ocho, Prima Centro con Dos Chicos / Chicas guys/ladies Cien hundred Noventa Complícate o Complicado "complicate yourself" or "complicated" Croqueta.EL tren The train Hand sign: unknown Open break, leaders take ladies' right hand with yours (crossed into an outward turn.Like Juana La Cubana, the difference is that a second scala is done after the first and the follow is wrapped to the right with the lead's right hand.On the final eight count, make sure the follow is on the right and cross body them with a two handed grip.As the follow comes out of the sacala, the lead, with their left hand, grabs the elbow of the follow's right arm and puts it under the lead's left arm.There are three groups of participants: The caller, who shouts the names of the moves that are to be danced.The lead then ducks slightly and leads the follow to the right grabbing both the follows hands leading into a sacala, then duck under the follows arm and cross body back into neutral position.
Two taps are done,.e.
Enchufla con Clave - - Enchufla, and the lead stops beside the follow and both clap to the clave beat.
This is all done in two counts.
Doble enchufle or enchufle doble Double connect Hand sign: Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, with pointer and pinkie fingers up; two fingers means double Same as above but after you start to bring her.
Mezclado - - Leads turns to the follow on the right and catches the hand and brings the follow to the left, then catch the hand of the right hand follow again but spin the follow on the left (nobody lets go!The followers, usually the ladies, who perform as the following elements in each couple.Can end in la botella by staying linked and dancing around in the circle, then start these tarros from within this linked wheel.Flor Flower Hand sign: unknown Leaders go to center with arms down in front, and bring them up as they step back, ladies do same alternating.Once facing outward, continue to rotate to your left and back out under their arms.The follow then takes the hand from behind the follow's neck and does an enchufla and immediately pulls the follow back into a sombrero on the right side (use your left hand!) making the follower again move 360 degrees.Same as Dame Dos but with a slide step as you step to center.